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Cynicism Produces Brain Disease?

by | 06.04.14 | Uncategorized

A Finnish study indicates that on-going cynicism (a negative mental focus, as opposed to the positive attitude of trust) causes the brain to deteriorate. Click here. While the finding is preliminary, and “only shows an association between cynicism and dementia, not necessarily a cause-and-effect link,” it underscores yet again the connection between . . .

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Back After LockOut

by | 05.05.14 | Uncategorized

I have been locked out of WordPress for a while due to a lost password. Just this morning I was able to resurrect it from a forgotten Norton PW cache, and am now back in. I have been posting short reports from Lviv on Facebook, but am glad to get back here.

My second class of students will gather in an hour . . .

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Nehemiah: 4. Success and Opposition

by | 03.29.14 | Leading as Teaching, Thoughts

Nehemiah Remembered, 2014


4. Nehemiah’s success came through an inspiring purpose and definite aim, though he faced many enemies, external and internal.
A God-given purpose provides . . .

Despite the call of God, and the full support of the king of Persia, Nehemiah’s mission was not easy. The arrival of Nehemiah and his escort in Jerusalem (444 BC) did not sit well with the regional leaders.

Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah the Ammonite official and Geshem the Arab (2:19) enjoyed control over the region, including the descendants of the 50,000 Jews who had returned from captivity in 538 BC. They rebuilt the temple (completed in 516 BC), but not the defensive walls surrounding the city. Sanballat and his allies were not happy that the security and welfare of the Jews was about to improve (2:10).

Their first tactic was . . .

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Malaysia Flight 370 and Constructivism

by | 03.27.14 | Called to Teach, Created to Learn, Teacher Training

An interview on the news a few days ago asked “people on the street” their opinion on what happened to Malaysian Flight 370. Answers ranged from mechanical failure to terrorism to pilot suicide to Putin to the Obama administration to “black holes all over the place.” Asked why they held their opinions, most mumbled something like — “that’s just what I think.”

How is it that so many in America has become so fact-less and so passionately subjective in their thinking? It is affecting our work environments, the television industry, American politics, and even our churches. The truth is that our public schools are teaching students to “think” in this way. The most influential theory of learning among teacher educators and theoreticians in the last two decades encourages this kind of subjective, personalized thought. This theory of learning is called . . . Read More

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News From Ukraine

by | 02.25.14 | Cross-Cultural, Thoughts

A Canadian colleague who ministers throughout Ukraine sent out the following update from his Ukrainian staff in Kiev late yesterday. Please pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ, and for Ukraine.


Alexander Turchynov, a Baptist preacher and member of parliament has been elected speaker of parliament and intern President and Prime Minister of Ukraine.  Please pray for brother Alexander that God will grant him power, wisdom, energy, cooperation – everything needed to lead our country in a godly manner to godly horizons.

President Yanukovych has been impeached and has fled his palace.  The opposition has . . .

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